Saturday, January 23, 2021

Should Wives Be Spanked?


Should wives be spanked

I think the real question should be, "Should HUSBANDS be spanked?"

Just sayin


  1. yes, bare bottom over the knee with a handmade hairbrush paddle so they will not sit comfortably for a week.

  2. If a wife wants to be spanked then, yes, she should be spanked. If a wife wants to spank her husband then, yes, he should be spanked. At least that's how it should work at my house. :)

  3. In naughty devil's world, a true happy marriage is both partners giving and receiving loving spankings and forgiveness, such bonding experience sharing playfulness, teasing, lust, joys and sorrows together, all with mutually matching red bottoms! Just have to decide whose turn it is over the knee tonight ... well both silly, in a switch household, the Pre-nuptial Equal Spanking Amendment rules as the law of the spanking chair where politically correct equal otk spanking opportunities are strictly enforced!
    ND =;)

  4. Any naughty adult person should be spanked and hard on the bare bottom.
    -- debbie