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"Man into Boy" the first 6-chapters by Dean Simons (Updated for Easier Reading, & story changes)

I'm friends with an incredibly talented writer, Dean Simons. He's gifted the beginning of his new book for me to share with you, my loyal fans. He would of course like some feedback and if you all like it, he says he will finish the book.  I personally really enjoyed reading it, so I'm hoping he gets enough of a response to continue writing this particular story.  And without further ado, here it is:

Man Into Boy by Dean Simons Copyright 2021

Do opposites attract? They did, in the case of Daniel and Elizabeth. Elizabeth was a college basketball player; a big-boned, fair-skinned blond from rural Mississippi - intense in sport and life. She loved or hated each new idea she encountered and had an opinion in every debate. She was brash and sexually fearless. She experimented with women and liked the taste, and experimented with men and liked the taste. She had been seen passionately kissing the captain of the men's and women's basketball team in the same week. For all her experimentation, though, Elizabeth retained at least one aspect of her conservative Southern upbringing. She believed in right and wrong, praise and blame, reward and punishment. She was a moralist, though her definition of what was moral was subject to change.

Daniel, on the other hand, was easy going, deferential, ironic, and bookish. He was the smaller of the two. He liked to describe himself as "a rootless, cosmopolite, atheist Jew."

The two met in a drama class. Her surfeit of emotion made her a natural actor; she could laugh or cry on cue. He was a would-be playwright whom she saw as the personification of knowledge and culture. She loved that he could recognize and soothe her moods - but was crazy enough to share some of her needs. He loved her certainty and brashness and her lack of ironic detachment. He loved hearing about her life as landed gentry in semi-rural Mississippi. And he loved being with someone who had the build of a comic book Amazon. He knew people smirked when they saw him with her, and they were right to smirk. She was as voluptuous as she was tall. Elizabeth was busty and at 6'4", well, there was a lot a bust. He never got tired of seeing those breasts. He would see her bending forward, showing a bit of cleavage, and feel an overwhelming urge to have his tongue on a nipple.

And her bottom? I got a black booty," she said, the first time they slept together. "That's what Mo says." Mo was Maureen White, Motown Mo, the team's 6'9" center

"Mm, Dan replied, "Tell me about Mo. What was it like to be in those big, strong arms?"

"Nice," Liz admitted. "Gave me that I'm protected little-girl feeling." "And how's her booty?" "It's brown and beautiful. But I never got my hands on it," she said sorrowfully. "The day after we necked," she fell for some little dyke. "Too bad," he said, "but there's still time." "You're such a perv," she replied. "You don't like what you have?" "I love this," he said honestly, one hand on each of her full, white cheeks. "But wouldn't it be fun to have Mo here? I bet she'd make you beg for it - or maybe just take what's hers." "She'd be with me, not you," Elizabeth pointed out. "That's ok -- so long as you tell me everything about it," he replied. "Mm - you are good for me," she said, and then gave him a long kiss that ended the conversation. After only a month together, and a particularly great two-day sex binge, they went to a local courthouse and got married. A few months later, Elizabeth's father died, and she was rich. She bought a house in the country, abutting a meandering stream and surrounded by oaks and willows. She took a volunteer position in the local high school, and Daniel started work on a novel

Chapter 2

The Search for Someone Strong

Elizabeth wanted someone big enough to make her small; a daddy to her girl, master to her slut. Daniel was not that person. He gamely held her down a few times, and once or twice administered a (much-deserved, in his opinion) spanking. No sparks there. But he liked exploring her fantasies, liked the fantasies themselves, and verbalized them as they fucked. One night he'd spin a tale of tall men with huge shoulders who did what they wanted to their women. The women protested and then begged for more. Another night's tale would star impossibly tall Mo - she of the beautiful brown booty. Mo would push Elizabeth against the side of the house, hold her up with one strong arm and strip her with the other. Elizabeth would feel Mo pressing against her...

For the first few months of their married life, the fantasies were more than enough. Over time, though, Elizabeth found herself wanting the real thing. She knew she could get anyone - maybe not Mo, but anyone other type of man or woman -- and longed for just the person Daniel conjured up but was not.

Daniel disappointed her in other ways as well. In college, he had been confident, powerful, and easy-going. Here, confronted with the task of writing a novel, he was hesitant and irritable. He had writer's block and spent his time staring at the screen, or playing online games.

Elizabeth, who found the ambition and process a bit ridiculous, suggested he force himself to write a certain number of words a day and show then to her. "Maybe I can help," she said.

He agreed, and then he found the approach unworkable. "I can't write like that," he explained. I feel like a schoolboy, cramming for an exam"

Elizabeth straightened up, walked over to him, and, with a hard expression, put her hand under his chin. He stared up, into her eyes. A moment of sexual energy passed through him. He hated showing her his work and, honestly, found her comments useless. But if she was going to play the top, for once, well, that might compensate.

To his relief and disappointment, Elizabeth relaxed. "OK, she said. You don't have to show me. but you have to write. I'll ask you about it, and if you lie ... " She shook her head. "OK," Daniel replied. "OK," she said grimly. Daniel kept to the deal the next day, and the next. The third day, though, he ran into a roadblock: The premise didn't work. Rather than push through it, he wrote a page on the problem with the premise. The fourth day he sat and stared at the computer; by day five he was back on the internet.

When, after a few weeks, Elizabeth asked him how the writing was going, he said "Every day there is something there; I'm not rereading it." She nodded and said nothing. Daniel wondered if she read the truth in his pessimistic tone.

A few days later, when Daniel was out running, Elizabeth passed his study and saw the glow of a game site on his computer. She went to turn it off and impulsively clicked on the search history: hundreds and hundreds of sites appeared, with time stamps only a few minutes apart -- news, games, sports and, late at night -- porn.

The two grew distant. She was angry and frustrated; he, anticipating rejection, no longer started conversations. One Saturday, when he touched her hair lightly and moved to whisper in her ear, she shook her head and walked away. "I've got too much work to do. And besides, as I told you about six times, Mo is going to stay with us for a week while her new place opens. We need to clean the house."

Chapter 3 Playing House

"Look at you,", Mo said to Daniel as he answered the door. "You've been running. And you are so cute, I could eat you up." She ruffled his hair.

"And look at you," Daniel replied, with a grin and a leer. She was wearing cutoffs and a tube top and her breasts were, as always, about eye level.

Mo a hearty laugh.

Elizabeth entered and Mo pushed Daniel aside to kiss her once, on each cheek.

Elizabeth blushed and somewhere, an alarm bell rang inside Daniel. Could it be that their distance wasn't just due to his feeble lies about writing? Was she thinking about Mo?

They caught up Mo's life, and vice versa, at the breakfast table. Mo, it seems, had taken a job coaching Division III and was doing some experimental theater.

"You're playing the dad?" Daniel asked.

"I'm the Big Momma and the Daddy in all my relationships," Mo answered, "I'm one fucked up fucking big dyke."

"You're the big daddy," Elizabeth restated with a grin. "Big Daddy Mo."

"Listen to the longing in her voice," Daniel stated, looking at Mo.

Now Elizabeth turned to Mo and replied "Listen to the leering tone in his voice. And how about that greeting he gave you?"

"Oh, I saw where he was looking," said Mo

. There was a long pause as the three breathed the sexual energy.

"I have an activity for tonight," said Elizabeth. "Let's play house." She turned to Daniel and explained "that's a girl's game where you pretend to be an adult, or a kid."

The suggestion left Daniel stunned, and then excited. That'll push sex forward he thought. He felt a sudden stab of admiration, and affection, for his wife. She really is fearless, he thought. And thank God for her love of roleplaying. "I know the game," he replied. His instincts told him to let Elizabeth take the lead here. "Good," said Elizabeth, "Mo can be the daddy."

"And you can be the daddy's girl," Daniel suggested.

"Don't be ridiculous," Mo replied. "Look at your wife's breasts. Does she look like a little girl? Elizabeth, you are my wife."

"And you are the little boy," said Elizabeth. "After all, you're the smallest."

This turn of events didn't really fit Daniel's fantasy, but he couldn't help recognize the logic of it. Besides, if it led to sex between the two women, well, he'd at least hear about it from Elizabeth, after Mo left.

There was another silence, as all three now recognized their new positions.

Mo was the first to act. "My little Danny," said Mo, looking at him. "And my loving wife." She walked over to Elizabeth and put her arms around her. "She's so beautiful. And I've been gone a long time. I haven't a chance to show how much I care for her." Mo kissed Elizabeth on the forehead.

Mo looked at Danny. "You know adults have a way of showing each other their love, don't you."

Danny looked at Elizabeth, her face flush with desire. So this was really going to happen. He nodded.

Now Elizabeth switched into role. "Use your words," she said, her voice rising sharply. "Tell your daddymomma you understand what adults do. And say yes ma'am or yes sir."

"Yes ma'am."

"And you know that adults need privacy when they do that?"

Nuts, thought Danny, now half out of role with disappointment. He debated his reply in his mind.

"Danny, you answer yes, ma'am right now," demanded Elizabeth

Elizabeth's outburst relaxed Danny. At least he wouldn't have to debate his lines here, he'd just play along. "Yes ma'am," he replied. Now Mo walked in front of Elizabeth, put her hand under the smaller woman's chin, and raised her head to face hers and bent down. A moment later they were kissing. Their arms rose to touch the others' face. A beautiful entwinement of brown and white.

"Ah, Ah ah," Elizabeth, her mouth still on Mo's, moaned in the way Danny recognized but rarely heard anymore.

Mo ended the kiss, and stood up. "Honey, has Danny been a good boy?", she asked Elizabeth.

"No," Elizabeth replied, her expression changing from dreamlike to grim. "He hasn't. He needs a good spanking." She leaned into the last word, drawing it out so that it lasted longer than the rest of the sentence. She started to speak again, fell silent, and then said "I don't think he is working. He says he is, but I think he is. "He's playing games or watching porn or I don't know what. I FUCKING don't know what."

Danny could feel his heart stop, and the speed up. So she knew everything - it made sense. His problems were pretty obvious. Shame carried away his excitement, soon joined by fear. What should he do? He started to speak and then stopped. Everyone was silent. He felt as if time had stopped.

Mo moved her arm away from Elizabeth, as if to end the game. Her anger and his betrayal were not part of the script.

"Mo, stay, please and for real," Elizabeth cried. "Please stay."

Mo stood silent, then nodded her head. "OK," she said, "OK."

Where the fuck do we go from here, Danny thought. He wondered if everyone else was thinking the same thing.

Mo, pausing for another moment, smiled, as if the decision had been made. She turned to Danny. "You see the trouble you've caused. You see how upset your mother is?" Danny, now caught between life and fantasy, nodded.

"Use your words," now it was Mo rather than Elizabeth who gave the instruction.

Yes, ma'am," said Danny faintly.

"I'm going to spend this morning comforting Elizabeth," continued Mo. And then I am going to give her the love she clearly needs. Maybe that will be your first punishment. Thinking about that. Then she's going to tell me all about your lazy, disrespectful behavior. Then, when you get home we are going to get to the -- here she paused for emphasis -- bottom of the problem. My belt turns liars into truth tellers."

Mo paused and stood behind Elizabeth. "I want you to go now, out of the house."

"Off of my property," Elizabeth said, emphasizing her ownership rights.

"I'll text you when you can return," said Mo. "Now git."


Danny left the house in a daze. He'd spun this sex fantasy for Elizabeth a hundred times. Mo was holding her against a wall and taking her; putting her strong arms around her; punishing her when she was naughty. But in his version, the fantasy had a different script. He was there watching, cheering Mo on. Or, sometimes, Elizabeth would go fuck Mo and come back, flush with excitement, and tell him everything. This was something else. They were falling in love.

His mind started to replay Elizabeth's angry outburst. It was too painful to listen to. She was so hurt and so angry. He felt ashamed and sad and a bit helpless. And suppose she dumped him for Mo. He had nowhere to go. No friends in the area and no friends anywhere he felt comfortable moving in with. And he had no money; it made sense to live off her income and inheritance; he was on her bank account and credit cards.

And what about tonight? Spanking could fit into his sex play. He loved thinking about Mo spanking Elizabeth, seeing her bottom turn hot pink over Mo's brown thighs, Elizabeth showing some real signs that it stung. But stung in the right way. Just enough to hurt, not enough to interfere with sex. He could get spanked too - if Elizabeth wanted to play that way, or maybe even Mo - though the thought made him uncomfortable -- that was fine. he was game. But being whipped with a belt -- even the term scared him.

He noticed that he was driving and had reached town. He sat down at a cafe and looked at his watch. Noon. He walked to the florist across the street and bought roses - it could never hurt, he told himself. He walked through the small city park, watched a young couple kiss and checked his watch again: 2. At 4, he heard the sing song of a text: Be home at 5.

Chapter 4 The New Deal
Elizabeth answered the door and motioned him into a chair in the living room. He tried to read her expression and failed; or rather, got conflicting signals: angry, resigned, and even a bit playful.

She motioned Danny down in a chair in front of the sofa and stood, holding Mo's hands. "I know you haven't been able to write. I should have been nicer about that. Maybe it's my fault for being so negative. Or not fucking you. I should have told you that I looked at your computer history. But I felt overwhelmed. So I just thought about Mo. I guess that was my way of avoiding things. "

Elizabeth paused and then continued. "I've always had a thing for Mo. So have you. You're the one who brings her up when we have sex. She's what I come to. Maybe that's what you come to, too. I don't know."

Elizabeth took a deep breath and then said "Today was everything I thought it would be. Everything you thought it would be. Mo is so strong, and wise and smart and oh God...." I love her. Or I think I do."

"But I love you or have a love for you. And I'm such a fucked up broad, who knows what I think. I thought of sending you away, asking you to give me time with Mo, giving you some money to live on. Mo has other ideas."

Emotionally spent, Elizabeth sat down.

"You all want me to make decisions," Mo said, remaining standing. "well, I can do that." Mo now looked at Danny. "I've always liked you Daniel, my little Danny. Your smart and fun to be with. You make me laugh. You are so cute. And in your own quiet way, you are as crazy as Elizabeth. I've always wanted a family, and I'd like you in it."

"As what?" asked Danny.

"Well," said Mo, "I'm not sleeping with you. I'm sleeping with Elizabeth. Now, and I hope to God, forever. So you're my little boy. I raise you and beat you when you're bad. I'd like that."

"So we're still in the game," said Danny. "That's right," said Mo, we're still in the game. We play house for a while and see where we are." Now, as if thinking about the night to come, Mo broke out into a smile. "you've been a bad boy, haven't you, Danny? You didn't do your work and you lied to your momma and did who knows what on your computer. You know that was wrong. You know you need discipline. And as your big daddymomma in the game of House, I am gonna give you what you need. An old-fashioned ass-whupping. And I'm going to enjoy seeing that rear end of yours at my complete mercy."

"I'm going to enjoy it too," Elizabeth confessed.

"And tomorrow," continued Mo, when you sit that little butt down on your chair - if you can -- you're going to write a chapter of your novel. Because if you don't, you're gonna get another beating."

Mo's sentence, and her willingness to be judge and jury, seemed to brighten Elizabeth's mood. "You know," Elizabeth said, smiling for the first time that evening, "Mo told me all about what an ass-whupping was like in Detroit. Your momma and daddy lectured you until you cried from shame. And when they were done, your daddy took off his belt, right in front of you. And he made you bend right across the edge of the couch, like this." And, looking straight at Danny, she walked over to the end of the long living room sofa and straddled the armrest, one leg on the ground and another splayed over the sofa proper. She gave a little wiggle to her bottom, framed by her summer shorts.

"You pulled down your pants and underwear so your bare butt was exposed. Therefore anyone to see. Kids were sent to their room, but your momma and any aunts or uncles who were around sometimes stayed for the show. Especially if they think you deserved it." Elizabeth now pulled her pants and panties down, exposing her own bare rear, pale and muscular against the tan leather of the sofa. "Oh, please no daddy, I'll be good, I'm sorry," she cried out, imagining herself as the girl Elizabeth.

"Oh, my," said Mo, looking at Elizabeth and then Danny. "You see Elizabeth's fine womanly behind and think all sorts of big boy thoughts. This could be kind of fun - a little spanking game.

"But an ass-whupping ain't like that. Your daddy is so angry, just like I am with you," said Mo, her voice now showing that emotion.

"The belt feels like it cuts right through you. It's doesn't, but that's worse cuz there ain't no reason for the whupping to stop. It turns your butt red -- even a brown butt turns red and I can't imagine, really, how red your little white butt will turn. And when your daddy swings the belt -- when I swing it -- it leaves a welt. Black and blue. You know why that is? It's cuz the blood vessel underneath the skin is broken. Broken! "You scream and cry but your momma says you deserve it, she wants to count the welts. She's happy to see you taken care of."

"I'm going to be happy to see you taken care of," Elizabeth stated. "I think of how you don't work, and cover it up with pathetic little boy lies - we'll you can't get whupped hard enough for me to be satisfied. And I'm gonna think how strong and beautiful Mo is when she's whupping you."

"If you take it, and Mo's right about you, well, we'll live the game of house and you'll get your novel finished. Mo and I will be the parents, and you'll be the child. I'll support you and send you off with a trust fund - if we think you're mature enough."

"If the idea is crazy, the game ends, Mo leaves me, well, maybe I'll take you back."

"I think I can see us as a family," Elizabeth said sighing. "I might like you around - you'd make a cute, smart kid. And I know I'd like to see Mo take that big, long belt of hers to your lying little butt. So -- deal?" The last statement changed Elizabeth's mood again, and the offer came out in clipped tones, with raised eyebrows.

Danny felt confused, and lost, and angry and guilty, in love with Elizabeth but maybe with Mo as well, a bit curious and intrigued, and scared and sad. He nodded.

"What was that?" Elizabeth asked sharply.

"Yes," Danny said, "yes ma'am, yes ma'am," said Danny, turning from Mo to Elizabeth.

Chapter 5 Over the Couch

"Danny, get over here and look me in the eye" Mo ordered.

Danny complied. Before he recognized what was happening, Mo's huge right palm swung back and back and crashed into his face. A quick slap from her left hand followed.

"Ohhh," Elizabeth vocalized. She felt as if a jolt of electricity had passed through her body. Mo looked at her and slapped Danny another time. And another.

Now Danny stood stunned, mewling as Mo yanked at his shorts. The pants were, in fact, held fast by a belt. Rather than take the time to unbuckle it, Mo yanked harder. The pants came down, with the belt abrading a bit of skin as the pants passed over his waist and settled below his knees.

"Yo mamma showed you what to do," Mo said. "Over the end of the couch," she ordered.

Danny started to walk toward the sofa. His legs, still impeded by the belt, refused to follow and he found himself face down on the floor, bare bottom facing the two women.

"You're cute like that," said Mo to Danny, but you'll be even cuter with your butt over the sofa."

Danny pulled his pants up, waddled over to the couch, and straddled the far-right arm, left leg spread out on the sofa itself, right leg balancing on the ground. He felt the cool leather against his groin and thighs. His face jammed into the sofa, creating a small world of half-light, warmed by his breath. He thought of Elizabeth and Mo and his future and was brought back to earth by the pain in his right cheek, from Mo's first, mighty slap. He wondered how the belt would feel. It was a relief, in a way, to feel pain and think about pain. Nothing else mattered now.

"Elizabeth, honey," said Mo sweetly, "would you be so kind as to sit next to little Danny and hold him down - by the ears? He isn't going to be able to sit still for this."

Danny felt Elizabeth's weight on the couch and a strong painful tug on each year. And then her hot breath in his ear, whispering. "Mo is going to whup you. She is really going to whup you."

"Oh, God," Elizabeth continued, now in full voice, "she is reaching for her belt. She is so strong. Mo, you are gorgeous." Mo unbuckled the belt and snaked it out of her shorts. She doubled it over and snapped it.

"She's about to whup you," stated Elizabeth, so entranced she began to narrate events.

With a broad smile, Mo raised the belt slowly over her right shoulder and brought it down smartly over Danny's outstretched rump. Danny gasped, as much from shock and pain. A second harder lick landed on his right cheek, a third, even harder, on his left.

At the fourth kiss of the belt, Danny jerked upward.

"You're not going anywhere, mister," Elizabeth said, pressing her fingers against each ear and tugging them back down to the couch.

The pain on the membrane of his ears now overwhelmed the burning on his cheeks, and Danny collapsed back over the sofa.

"You take what's coming to you," Elizabeth continued. Elizabeth had taken acting classes in college. Danny wondered if she was now acting the part of the angry mom. Or was she feeling it?

Mo put down the belt and stared at the couch. Elizabeth was now sitting up, inspecting Danny's behind.

"It's fire engine red," she announced. He could sense the satisfaction in her voice.

"I haven't started yet," Mo, said calmly. "That was just target practice, to get my aim."

She walked over and spoke into Danny's ear. "I am going to raise welts on your little behind for lying to your momma."

"Unless," Mo continued, now looking at Elizabeth, "you think our little boy has had enough."

"He has not had NEARLY enough," Elizabeth said grimly.

Now Mo stepped back, raised the belt above her head and, as she swung it, stepped toward Danny's outstretched butt. As her arm descended she snapped her wrist.

"AAA NO," Danny yelled as the strap landed.

"Yes," said Elizabeth in a whisper. She watched Mo deliver the next few next licks. As Mo's forward momentum stopped, her breasts, showing through the tube top - how could they not? -- jiggled, as if confused by all the motion. Elizabeth thought of a locker room contest - her breasts came in second behind Mo's. She remembered Mo's brown nipples and felt an overwhelming desire to feel them now. Danny liked licking and pinching hers, well, she'd like licking Mo's a hundred times more.

"Mo," stop for a second, "Elizabeth said after a particularly loud cry from the unfortunate young man. "I'd like to look."

She got up to inspect Danny's bottom. "Look," she said, "you can see the entire outline of the belt here." She ran her finger along the side of his thigh where an errant strap had left its mark on white skim. "And there are a lot of welts here," she continued, now touching his swollen right cheek. "Please continue," she concluded in a happy voice.

As Elizabeth sat back down, Danny felt the sofa depress. He briefly thought of Elizabeth's bottom -- in his hands, bent over in sex play, against those tight jeans. He wondered if he'd ever see it or feel it that way again.

Elizabeth grabbed Danny's ears and the belt whistled through the air again. "Why - are - you - being - punished," asked Mo, punctuating each word with a kiss of her strap.

"Because I lied," yelled Donny frantically. "I didn't work."

"Are you sorry you lied?" asked Mo. "Tell your momma your sorry."

"I'm sorry," Danny gasped, his apology lengthened by his moans as the strap came down twice in quick succession.

"You will be sorry," said Elizabeth, "when Mo is done with you."

"Look at this," said Elizabeth, as the steady drumbeat of the belt continued. Danny, driven quite literally out of his mind and emotions by pain, and held down atop by his ears, had begun to kick his legs.

"Our naughty boy is kicking his legs," said Elizabeth, with a bit of a laugh, "kicking his little legs."

"Mmm," said Mo.

Danny heard the mocking tone but did not stop kicking. The pain was indescribable and this seemed to help. Besides, he was going to be treated like a kid anyway, why not act like one? His legs pumped up and down frantically.

Elizabeth looked again at Mo - her long fluid body, those muscles on her arms, the abs on her long torso. "You're beautiful, Mo," she yelled. She leaned over and whispered into Danny's ears "she's so beautiful." She straightened up again and looked forward. "I - Love - You - Mo." she said in a deliberate voice.

Mo put down the belt and walked to the sofa. She took her right arm and pushed Danny's face into the sofa. She bent toward Elizabeth, who arched up to meet her, her mouth open for Mo's tongue.


  1. Would you please use your belt on me like that Miss Jenn “Ma’am”

  2. Revise or extend the ending, he's not finished yet, add an otk spanking with scolding too on just how disappointed the "parents" are to have warranted the belting and that the punishment was because they care so much about their baby. Then most importantly, always include forgiveness from both of the parents to do better instead of ignoring and rejecting him with his face pushed into the couch. Think why most fellow spankos crave spankings so much besides the drama leading up to and during the spanking is also for comforting forgiveness of aftercare, especially cuddling from a "Mommy" figure for loving and caring about her baby. This also provides a set up for the next spanking for when the child tries again but disappoints by failing again and again or does so intentionally hoping for the attention and intimacy from the double edge craving of both spanking coupled with loving forgiveness. Of course yours truly, your constant naughty devil, just can't resist setting up more spankings to come by pulling more shenanigans testing, teasing and being incorrigibly sassy for fun, all for the thrill of the next dramatic spanking to come for the sake of getting that loving affectionate aftercare feeling too. Always love a happy ending to a spanking! The End .... Or Until Next Time
    ND =;)

    1. Oh that's not the ending, my dear Naughty Devil. He's only written the first 6 chapters, there's more to come in the book. Naughty devil needs to be spanked for not reading the title of the blog post ;)

      But we both truly appreciate you taking the time to leave some feedback! Thank you :)