Saturday, January 30, 2021

I've been on this spanking website for 6 hrs and still haven't been spanked


spanking cartoon

haha this is too cute, had to share!


  1. After not being walked and played with the past six hours, his poor pup had to go get his wife. At least the poor pup will be amused seeing his dog dad in the dog house getting a spanking from mommy for the next six hours for wasting time on the internet when he could have gotten an immediate spanking by just asking or teasing her and still had plenty of time to walk the dog before and after the spanking too.
    Dog Dad ND =;)

  2. I gotta say it. Big, big goof. Didn't schedule a Skype self-spanking session with Miss Jenn Davis, the consummate Disciplinarian.

    -- debbie