Friday, August 21, 2020

We Have Rump Roast on the Menu Tonight

Professional Disciplinarian

and that'll be your bottom that I'll be roasting!


  1. I'm sure that my bottom will also be on the menu to roast and most likely to well done.
    --- debbie

  2. Naughty devil's well done broiled rump roast will require hours long marinating and rapid pre-tenderizing with a stinging stiff wooden spatula prior to equally long high heat roasting with juices dripping over the grates of darling's singeing silky knees. And for flavoring, we mustn't forget to apply the final glazing to keep the well braised rump moist! Butt naturally with my dear being the perfectionist spanking chef, the perfect rump roast will take many a burnt trail tails to perfect for that delectable award winning black and blue striped steaming hot scorched F/m masterpiece rump roast she so craves and hungers for! Bon appetite!
    Quite pleased with himself again as usual, just so much fun conjuring up creative writing menus to go in the naughty devil cook book to whet the most incorrigibly demented, wicked imaginations!
    Faithfully Naughty,
    ND =;)