Thursday, August 6, 2020

Over My Lap You Go

Are you a naughty boy or girl in need of some strict discipline?
Contact me soon!


  1. Mom, yes I'm in need of some very severe bare bottom blisterings.
    --- debbie

  2. Down come the Undie's and Up go's the Skirt's
    To Miss Jenn's Lap will go!
    Her Paddles know the way to make to us all cry!
    but that's right where we all will stay!

  3. A friendly suggestion. Would love to see your bare lap & just your lap -- no brush or anything blocking the view.

  4. Great Pic! I'm ready to go over your lap.......that brush strangely looks familiar LOL ;)
    I'm sure it does a GOOD Job!

  5. Would love to see a lap picture like this but with bare thighs and no hairbrush or other implement blocking the view. Thank you.

    1. silly boy, there might be bare things but the only time an implement will not be blocking your view will be when it's being applied to YOUR BOTTOM instead