Monday, August 24, 2020

It's About Time My Hairbrush Had a Conversation with You...

Miss Jenn Davis scolds

...or rather your bottom!


  1. I know that you'll be creating real blisters on my bottom when you have me in your leg and arm lock over your knee and then just blister my bare bottom and backs of my thighs beyond tears.
    --- debbie

  2. I would prefer a lengthy conversation with your hand on my bare hiney while I am over your knee!

  3. It certainly is.......GULP!!!

  4. Your hairbrush always has such rousing conversations with naughty devil's bottom, brush and bottom could chat and have some heated excited arguments for hours over your silky knees plus brush could invite good friends spatula and leather paddle into the conversation to empathize some heated debates too until blazing bottom has nothing left to say but Mommy!!!! Mommy!!!! (You know that won't happen, blazing bottom naughty devil always has to have some last second quip to tease with for an encore applause spanking with more pancakes ready to grill with the spatula just in case you weren't spanking hard enough!)
    ND =;)