Monday, August 17, 2020

Cruel StepMommy Bathes n Blisters His Wet Bottom [MP4](HD)

 Have you ever been spanked in the bathtub or in the shower? Do you find it worse to get a wet spanking? Do you find it worse if the water is HOT or cold when you are being spanked? Do you love clawfoot bath tubs?

ABDL Mommy bathes adult baby

HD 1920x1080 ABDL video

Step-Mommy Jenn just changed David 1/2 an hour ago, and he's already wet his diaper again. Jenn is not pleased and gets David out of his diaper, drags him by the ear and puts him in the clawfoot bathtub. She bathes him and then gives him a dose of the bathbrush (bath brush spankings are reserved only for the naughtiest of adult-babies!). At 18-years old you'd think her step-son would have learned by now not to have accidents and how to control himself, but no, instead he is forced to have to be in diapers 24/7 due to bed-wetting and non-stop "accidents").

After his bathbrush spanking in the tub, David is put in a fresh new diaper and spanked in the diaper position with Miss Jenn's paint stick, hand spanked and blistered with the bathbrush.  David's only relief may be when his step-mom is putting the soothing diaper rash cream on his behind.

adult baby in diaper with Mommy

adult baby being bathed by ABDL Mummy

David gets a bath from Mommy Jenn

adult baby gets spanking from ABDL Mommy



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  1. When you wet your diaper only 30 minutes after your diaper was changed, Mom will blister your bare wet bottom hard.
    --- debbie

  2. Miss Jenn I think this is my most favorite situation for a real bare bottom blistering. I have heard that getting a spanking on a bare bottom is suppose to hurt more but I have never had that done to me. Thank you very much for this erotic spanking situation. jw