Sunday, March 1, 2020

You "Need" to be Punished, Now Don't You?

Professional Disciplinarian

When was the last time you were punished? And how long did your punishment spanking last?

What implements were used on your bottom?


  1. Such a delectable lap , love the stockings, and the cleavage !
    I'm not so keen on that bath brush however.....

  2. Naughty devils always need to be punished long and hard over your silky knees. And naughty devil's answers to your questions are: been too long since last spanked, obviously not spanked long enough, and never enough time to get through all of your implements. Of course you can take as long as you want with each one as long as there's extra time for over-the-knee hand, pancake spatula and leather paddle spankings plus forgiving cuddle time too.
    ND =;)

  3. Over a year ago with a paddle with holes which split in two and then a Jokari paddle. My bottom was sore and blistered maybe thirty minutes. About an hour later I received thirty with a single tail whip for touching myself.