Thursday, March 19, 2020

What Do You Think Is the Story Behind This EndArt Drawing?

Endart spanking art


  1. Story behind this? I'll try. Young heiress has just turned 21 and is now the employer of the tutor who has been in charge of her up to now.
    This is payback time.

    1. OMG I love it, that's a good one. you should write it up ;)

  2. Simple......the Story behind this drawing is that a Student at an 'All Girls School' threatened to expose the School Principal for molesting the girls when he called them into his office to Spank them....tsk,tsk,tsk, she turned the tables on him and told him that unless HE Submtted to a bare bottom spanking with the ruler he liked to use on the girls she'd expose his 'little secret' to the entire School Board and the Parents of all the Students.....he wisely chose to take a Spanking from her rather than losing his job, the humiliation, as well as possible criminal charges.......AHHHH...if only Harvey Weinstein had been this lucky...he might not be in Jail now, just out of the Movie business, but at least a free man...... just ONE of MANY 'Story ideas' I can come up with for this cartoon. 'Endart' does some GREAT Spanking artwork ;)

  3. Story behind cartoon! Step dad been a naughty boy.