Friday, March 20, 2020

Whipping of the Back, Caning of the Bottom

Djeki ru


  1. There are several nice drawings from this artist from Russia.

    It just my personal opinion/preference but I very much prefer the usual "Miss Jenn positions" (otk, on the bed/table).

    Hitting the sides of the butt cheeks or the thighs or the back doesn't feel right for me.

    1. Hi Andy, I don't post that much of these types of drawings as I do know that most of my audience agrees with you about preferring the usual "Miss Jenn positions". However since some people do enjoy this and I think variety is important & that the ladies in this pic looks quite sexy, that I like to post stuff for "everyone".

      Also there are some people who are able to take more lashes on the back than on the butt (but everyone is different on this)