Thursday, September 6, 2018

I Can't Stop Laughing When I See This F/m Spanking Art Piece

what is your reaction to this amazing piece of art?


  1. That's funny! They all have the same faces and everything.

  2. Can't tell if that's a boy or a girl, since JPC USUALLY does F/F artwork only.....what makes you laugh about this? is it thinking it's a 'naughty boy' being punished in front of a lot of girls, or something else?

  3. If he's an extra lucky naughty devil, each one of the darling ladies will want to take him over her own silky knees to prove she gives the best bare bottom over-the-knee hand spanking! Your naughty devil volunteers to be the judge ... on the over-the-knee receiving end of course!
    Counting down to being over your silky knees soon too my dear, Andy doesn't get all the fun!
    Wickedly yours over-the-knee,
    ND =;)