Sunday, September 30, 2018

It's Not a Spanking Until He's Crying Real Tears

spanking cartoon

and you know I mean it! It won't be much longer until I've got you over my lap


  1. Miss Jenn, is a cathartic punishment in order for me?

  2. This is what we both fear and crave: a spanking so intense that we know early on that we won't be able to "handle" it without losing control. And yet we want Miss Jenn or whatever female spanker to take us to that place and show us that she is in total control and that she intends to teach us a real lesson.

  3. If pretty mommy really loves her naughty devil, she'll give him the good real spanking to tears long and hard over her silky knees he's been hoping and teasing for! ND =;)