Saturday, September 22, 2018

And Another Gift!

Thank you again from the cop who uses discipline for those who break the law!


  1. That looks like one HUGE Paddle! I think I could handle being pulled over by a cop like this if it meant getting out of a ticket ;)

  2. wow, talk about the long arm of the law!

  3. Officer Jenn Tease will just have to frisk, handcuff and pull down that notorious naughty devil's pants and underwear for another over-the-knee bare bottom spanking for probable cause and conviction of panty peeking yet again. Guilty as charged, the harden wicked leg and fanny caressing naughty devil was snared in another entrapment by the alluring legs, cute fanny and frilly lacy panties of Officer Tease with justice quickly dispensed by sentence of a long hard bare bottom over-the-knee spanking with each implement at the officer's disposal. No leniency was granted as there was no good behavior or remorse exhibited by the recalcitrant naughty devil who only further caressed Officer Tease's silky legs while subdued in the over-the-knee spanking arrest position, encouraging an extended spanking sentence. Case closed ... until the notorious panty peeking leg and fanny caressing naughty devil strikes yet again in another willful entrapment.
    Who else butt your amusingly wicked naughty devil!
    ND =;)