Wednesday, November 8, 2017

What Does the Rose Symbolize?

A spanko, I adore, once got me 3 roses to represent the progression of spanking: 
A white one to represent the blank canvas, the bottom prior to being spanked.  
The pink rose to represent what the bottom looks like during the spanking
And red to represent the red bottom at the end of a spanking

The next time I saw him, he got me this rose, as he knew that the 3 roses he had gotten me the last time would have wilted and he wanted to give me one that would last forever.
Isn't it lovely?

1 comment:

  1. What's lovely is that my dear remembers me too and how our time together has touched us both. Every time we meet, there is the always the anticipation, excitement and happiness from our first hugging embrace, to our playfully amusing blushing adventures over your silky knees (and a little with my naughty darling sweetheart over your naughty devil's too), to forgiving tender cuddling moments after and between for more loving spankings and affection to come make the lovely moments fly past in a blur and make your naughty devil yearn for his darling's loving touch all the more. Always over your sensuously silky knees in all my naughty devil dreams, xoxo, your forever affectionate ND =;)