Monday, November 27, 2017

"She'd Evidently Borrowed a Hairbrush..."

Yes, that's how the line in the book I was reading started with "She'd evidently borrowed a hairbrush..."

You can PROBABLY guess how I thought this sentence might end.  Sure it wasn't a spanking book or a female led relationship book or a BDSM book.  It was just a regular mystery book, but a girl can hope right?  Plus, you can't really help the thoughts that automatically enter your brain when you see or hear certain phrases that probably ring a bell for all spanko's.

Anyways, I won't tell you how this sentence really ended because it was so unbelievably lame! And the book itself has been one of those mysteries that you just can't put down, a real page turner... but this sentence set up a lot of high expectations and like I said ended miserably by being incredibly lame and NOT having anything to do with borrowing a hairbrush to spank someone with.

*sigh*, the author obviously was not a spanko as they have no idea what the hairbrush represents.


  1. I just know that when I go to Mommy's house, I gotta hide ALL the hairbrushes!!

    1. I have so many hairbrushes (probably at least 9), there’s no way you can find them all ;)