Saturday, November 25, 2017

90-Minute Minimum Spankings

Important Info for My Seattle Clients

I'm  temporarily changing my "minimum" session time to 90-minutes for those who wish to see me in Seattle.  It makes sense on various levels.  the same amount of time that goes into a 1-hr session also goes into a 2-hour session.  Plus if I am doing longer sessions then, I am not doing as many sessions and let's just say that I prefer to see for example 5 people a month that I spend longer with and really get to know, then 12 people who want to book 1 hour sessions.

So what this all boils down to:
  • Only accepting clients that can do 90-min or longer sessions (for a temporary period)
  • I will most likely be on NiteFlirt taking calls as often as I possibly can
  • If things change and I can suddenly take on some extra clients, those who have been calling me on NiteFlirt will get first priority.
  • I will also be giving priority to my clients who see me regularly each and every month
  • I will be on email only occasionally & just to answer questions about your upcoming session.  It will be very rare that I'll be on social media.

During these next couple months I will not be earning as much money, since my personal commitments are taking me away from sessions and my vanilla job.  I hope that you will still continue to support my good work by buying my audio clips, photo clips, & a few videos.  See the links below in case you want to show your support!

Audio Clips on PatreonNiteFlirtClips4Sale, &

    Thank you in advance, for buying my clips! You guys rock!

    Hugs & spanks,
    Miss Jenn

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