Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Grown Man In Diapers Gets Spanked On the Side of the Road - ABDL

Johnny is in his 40's and was behaving very badly. Momma Jenn put Little Johnny in his diaper and then got him dressed and into the car.  It was suppose to be a fun mother-son day, a lovely drive and then a fun lunch out at McDonalds.

Johnny started acting up, throwing a temper tantrum.  He took off his shoes and socks and started throwing them around the car. Momma Jenn pulled over the side of the road.Grabbed Johnny by the arm, dragged him out of the car and pushed him up against the car where she pulled down his shorts till they dropped to the ground.  Then she spanked him over his diaper before pulling his diaper down and hand spanking him.  The first car drove by then.  She then grabbed her ebony hairbrush from her purse and was scolding him when the 2nd car drove by. My what a sight that must have been!  Seeing a grown man, being spanked on the side of the road in adult diapers with pretty little pastel colored unicorns on them.  Momma Jenn continued spanking Johnny with her hairbrush.  When she was satisfied she pulled up Johnny's diapers and put her hairbrush away. It was then that the 3rd car drove by. Johnny got back into the car in only his diapers as Momma Jenn was fed up with Johnny's bad behavior and decided to humiliate him by driving him through the McDonald's drive through (one he goes through pretty regularly) in nothing but a diaper and his shirt. 

Momma Jenn got Little Johnny the kids meal but with healthy options like apples and juice and then headed for home. Johnny threw some of his fries on the floor so once home Johnny got a strapping for that. After Momma Jenn had fed Johnny, she then put him in the adult crib. She tucked him in before kissing him on the forehead and saying good night and closing the door to his ABDL nursery.

A true story (name changed to protect the innocent).  Poor Johnny, so humiliated!

Keywords: ABDL, car spanking, F/m spanking, hairbrush, outdoor spanking


  1. Great Story! sounds like it was a fun time! gives me all kinds of ideas......