Tuesday, May 30, 2017

In Bed, Feeling Regretful For His Actions


  1. Great drawing in the first one, the Second one shows how a Naughty Lady should be dealt with properly...it's by an artist named 'Kamitora' he's a great artist....Love way the guy in the drawing is Casually having a drink while dealing with this Naughty Young Lady......Ahhhh if REAL LIFE Could only be this way!! (for both Men and Women), ;0

  2. The 'Backstory' on the 2nd drawing is that he had WARNED his Young Wife what to expect if she had overcharged their Credit Cards again....Ughhhh she didn't listen and when he got hone fron his office he followed through on his threats.....TSK,TSK,TSK, a Husbands work is never done sometimes....needless to say he rolled up his sleeves and got right to work. His wife NEVER Overspent their Credit Cards again and they lived happily ever after for 40-50 years.....I Love 'Happy Endings' ;)