Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Story Behind the "Tables Turned" Spanking Sculpture

"Tables Turned" by Erin, sculpture created by Pam Foss (I will also include the direct link to the original article at the bottom of this post)

The part that blows me away is that "Tables Turned" was suppose to be on the Donahue show and then at the last minute it was allegedly censored because it revealed a man's bare bottom. Is anyone thinking what I'm thinking? So you censor a man's bare bottom, but it's totally ok to show a woman's bare bottom???

Absolutely love this piece of art, as well as the concept of turning the tables.  Check out this lovely piece by Pam/Erin as well as the original article below:

spanking sculpture

Tables Turned

A bronze sculpture by Pam Foss

I created Tables Turned in 1990 as a humorous, yet passionate expression of my belief in the equality of men and women.

Tables Turned tells the story of two couples in two different eras; one couple is in the 1890’s the other in the 1990’s.  My 1890’s couple has a man with his wife over his knee, spanking her with a hairbrush while my 1990’s couple has a woman with her husband over her knee, giving him a spanking with a paddle.

Tables Turned created a bit of a controversy when it was first shown in New York.  The times were different then, even in New York’s trendy SOHO district where the piece made its first appearance.  Unlike the present day where the book Fifty Shades of Grey has sold more than 70 million copies, both the nation and the City were far more conservative than they are today.  Nonetheless Tables Turned attracted a number of loyal fans around the World including the producer of the Phil Donahue Show, who invited me to appear on the show with Tables Turned.

I agreed to appear as a guest on the Donahue Show with Tables Turned, but on the very day the show was scheduled for a live broadcast, I was told that the Network had censored Tables Turned, allegedly because the sculpture revealed a man’s bare bottom.

Tables Turned ranks high among my favorite works of art and is currently on display in our St Michael’s Gallery.

Girl Power!


  1. I knew Pam and Bob Foss back when they lived in Annapolis. They started a company called The Naughty Victorian. I made custom straps, paddles and spanking rulers for them. Once in a while when I dropped off some implements to their home, Pam would bend me over a stool in their living room and give me a few good whacks with whatever I had made. She said it was for "Quality Control!"

    I remember looking at that same bronze sculpture while she spanked me!

    Kevin R.

  2. Sounds like a nice memory to have. Cool you got to meet the artist and see this sculpture in person

  3. Thanks for the art history lesson. I'm a long time supporter of a woman's right to spank her man (and voting, equal pay, etc)