Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Florida Spankings & Site Seeing

Fun times in Florida.  Photos taken on various days...

Corner time, tsk tsk

Gianni Versace's house.  He was murdered not far from his home, unbelievably sad...
It is now a restaurant in honor of Gianni...


  1. Thanks for the photos. Sometimes I wonder if this is all real. Well some bottoms will have fell it for real as we can see. What a way to make a living! Hard work, not really I think, but surely intense each time some discipline is needed. If one of these men had imagined things when booking a session, they soon realized they were in for a big painful surprise. I wonder how you can tolerate all those screams, pleadings and cryings while only give them what they probably richly deserved?

  2. I’m ready when you are