Monday, January 23, 2017

A Spanking to Remember

Thank you, Chris, for the lovely testimonial. 

I scheduled a second session with Miss Jenn and she did not disappoint!  I always forget just how beautiful she is!  She liked my suggestion of a product testing session.  She pulled down my pants, saying they provided too much padding...  After a few swats on my underwear, she pulled them down and down they remained for the entire hour.  After I saw her table of implements, I thought, "What was I thinking?"  There were numerous paddles, crops, straps, tawses, etc and she managed to use them all to great effect.

There were numerous positions, and she gave hand spankings throughout.  She brought out a surprise paddle in the middle and it was wonderful and unique!  I won't spoil it in case you book a session after reading this.

She almost forgot to use her canes (darn).  

She also used a double studded strap.  Very effective!

The grand finale was a serious strapping with a different double strap.  It was a memorable whipping!

Then it was back over her lap for some wonderful aftercare.  We then had a very nice chat afterwards!
All and all an excellent session.  Even better than the first session!

I highly recommend a session with her.  You will get a Spanking to Remember!

- Chris

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