Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Testimonial & Miss Jenn Experience on the Water!

Thank you, Michael for the lovely testimonial & such a fun Miss Jenn Experience!
My name is Michael. I live in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and I recently had the opportunity
to spend time with Miss Jenn, as part of the Miss Jenn experience. It was an incredible
day, one that I will remember fondly for a long time, and an experience that I would recommend
wholeheartedly to anyone who enjoys traditional over the knee spanking and paddling.

Jenn is a warm, intelligent, and attractive woman, and right from our introduction,
I could tell that our day would be special. Jenn is an avid traveler, and she's visited some exotic locations around the world, so we were able to share our passion for travel with amusing stories.
We spent a few hours on a water taxi that toured my city, and she really enjoyed the sights of Fort
Lauderdale. After a nice lunch, we went back to the hotel to live out my favorite role play fantasy.
Miss Jenn was fantastic in her role as a HS principal. I was a student, and I had to report to her office to face the consequences of my misbehavior.

After some scolding, I was instructed to remove my pants, and then she placed me over her knee and  proceeded to give me a vigorous spanking with her hand over my underwear. After a few minutes, she pulled my underwear down and continued to spank my bare bottom. She picked up an antique hairbrush and continued with the punishment. I also had to bend over to receive swats with
her larger paddles, and believe me, she swings a mean paddle! The punishment was within my limits that we discussed ahead of time.

If you're visiting Seattle, or you live in a city on Jenn's travel schedule, do yourself a favor and
contact her to arrange a session, you'll be glad you did.


As Michael mentioned, this was such a fun day exploring Ft. Lauderdale on the water taxi & how can you beat an outdoor lunch on the waterfront in January? They say that Ft. Lauderdale is the "Venice of America", & it sure looks like they are right, you can take boats everywhere!

And to top it off we did a fun Strict Principal/naughty student role play.  Can't beat that ;)

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