Thursday, September 15, 2016

What Happens To Naughty Boys After School

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  1. I am only too aware of the result of being put in detention after schoool! It was a polite way of saying your bottom is going to feel the pain of the cane! At least you kept trousers on for up to four strokes! However matters did not rest there ! We were given a note to show our parents to acconnt for late home ccoming !My parents then prescribed the cane on Saturday evening and no TV! My trousers and underpants were removed in front of family and I had to bend over and was given 8 stinging cuts of their pliable cane , causing more red painful red ridges to cover my bumm and very tops of my thighs! I was not alone in getting this extra punishment at home ,some other boys and girls, got the same sort of thing ! RH