Friday, September 23, 2016

Thank You For the Lovely Testimonial, Kevin

As I sit down to write this note, fifteen hours have passed since I visited Miss Jenn here in the DC area. She was kind enough to see me during her visit. Although I’ve been an avid and active spanking lover for many decades, it’s always a bit unsettling meeting with someone for the first time. That anxiety was gone moments after she greeted me. I found her to be warm, caring and lovely. I felt completely at ease in her company. Since this was the first time she had seen me, Miss Jenn asked about my prior experience and what I was seeking. My spanking needs have always been centered around “punishment scenarios”. I have been with “disciplinary” ladies in the past that seem to shy away from real punishment. I’ve seen the “holistic-healer” type spanker. The “new-age” stress relief meditative spanker. And frankly listened to more Enya music during scenes than I care to recall.  To be fair. I have been well spanked by them, but never really punished by them.

With Miss Jenn I sensed something different. She seemed to just “get it.” I told her that I’d liked to be pushed well past my comfort range. I just wanted a serious, “real-punishment” spanking. Miss Jenn’s eyes didn’t briefly avert at the word “punishment.” Quite the opposite in fact. I could swear I saw a flash of real enthusiasm in her beautiful eyes.

Stepping back a few days:

When I filled out the application Miss Jenn had sent me. It asked if I had, “a high, medium or low “pain tolerance.” I considered that question carefully, and replied that I thought that I had a HIGH pain tolerance when I was able work up to it.

The form also asked if I considered myself a masochist. Yes, I replied.

It then asked if I: Did not want marks, Was neutral about marks, or Wanted LOTS of marks. I put three XXXs in the last option!

Miss Jenn was able to recall every detail in my application without looking at it. That meant a lot to me. That she had taken the time in her busy schedule to really study it.  We reviewed the scenario I mentioned in my application, and she instantly transformed into her role. She showed me the dozen or more implements she had waiting for me and began describing how severely she was going to punish me with each of them. A switch in my brain was flipped and all I could sense was her authority and determination. All the safeguards in my mind relaxed and I knew that with her, I was exactly where I needed to be.

We started slowly, but soon I had the endorphins pumping. The spanking got harder. The implements she chose more severe.  Since I tend to lose track of time. There were three or four times when she stopped spanking and I thought we were finished. Nope. The spanking continued and became harder. At times I doubted my ability to endure any more. However I trusted her so implicitly that I pushed down the urge to stop. At some point, I just surrendered to her authority. I was there for Miss Jenn to really punish me and she seemed determined make that desire a reality.

In the end Miss Jenn informed me that I, “had taken one hell of a hard spanking.” I was filled with pride, joy and an amazing respect for this amazing woman. Even now, writing this note on the following day, I just feel like a much better person than I did before visiting her. I can’t think of a better testimonial to Miss Jenn than that!

Kevin R.

And thank you also for the lovely paddle! Tambote wood from South America with a grip of true Ebony w/ white Micarta accents underneath.

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