Monday, May 15, 2017

The 8th Dwarf...."Spanky"


man with well spanked red bottom

I just wanted to let people know that I won't be as social as I normally am online.  Of course my first priority is my sessions and my upcoming trip. But I've got some projects that are in the works, so unless you are contacting me for a session or collaborating with me on one of my projects, then I apologize in advance, that I may not be able to respond to "fun" chit-chat type stuff. But I'm looking forward to summer when I will "hopefully" have more time for fun stuff!

But if you are missing the sound of my voice, feel free to buy one of my audio clips:
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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Lone Star Spanking Party

I've had quite a few people contact me to find out, if they see me at Lone Star, can they approach me & talk to me?  OF COURSE! If it looks like I'm deep in conversation with someone, then it may not be the best time to approach me.  But if I look like I'm mingling, then definitely feel free to join in the conversation!

Back in my heyday, I used to be a social butterfly, loved meeting new people and would attend social events or parties multiple times a week.  At this point in my life, I rarely go out unless it's a special occasion but still enjoy socializing.

I do find that having some thoughtful questions will pique my interest more than just those boring questions like "How are you doing? What have you been up to?". Typically if you ask me what I've been up to, I will stare at you blankly and absolutely NOTHING will enter my mind, despite that I've probably done a bunch of activities. Also keep in mind, that I will probably know nothing about you while you have an entire website to find out about me, some of my interests, and have an idea what my personality is like. And I won't know if you are approaching me because you just saw me at the party & are looking for a friendly face to talk to, you are mistaking me for one of the spanking models (this has happened a lot! good thing we've got name tags, hehe ;), or you've been following my blog for the past few years. So if you have been following my blog, that is always nice to hear!

Ideas for things to talk about:
  • Any kind of spanking question you have 
  • Your own spanking history, if you are willing to share (are you a newbie or have you been on the spanking scene for the past 40 years? Do you attend all the national spanking parties or just Lone Star? Are you active in your local spanking chapter or totally "in the closet" in your home town?
  • Any spanking topics (remember that this may be the one time in the entire year that you may be able to talk about the one topic that is normally off limits in your every day life. I know for me it's off limits in my vanilla life. I've already lost 2 female friends because of what I do. I only have one other female friend that still knows & accepts it. Of course with me making a career of this, I get more opportunity than the average person to discuss it.  But seriously how cool is it that you can be standing in the buffet line or have a cocktail at the hotel bar and talk about spanking and not have to worry about people overhearing?)
  • You don't just have to limit the topic to spanking, there are a whole world of topics out there that you can talk to me about. In my 20's I backpacked around a good portion of the world. For those that are not travelers, "backpacking" in this context is not referring to camping but referring to the fact that for those 3-months or that year that one is backpacking for, your entire worldly possessions must fit into your backpack. Backpackers typically stay in hostel dorms (either co-ed or single-sex), live on an extremely low daily budget (back then it was $30-$50/day, so a 2-month trip would cost around $2,000-$3,000 including airfare, food, hostel, activities), & have the time of their life! Again I typically do better with specific questions rather than general "So tell me about traveling?" questions.  Feel free to ask about the times I have volunteered or worked abroad. I did most of traveling in the 3rd world, so will have more knowledge of staying in accommodations that were a hundred times worse than an homeless shelter in the States, dealing with squat toilets, getting flashed by strange men (I think I must attract flashers as I have a lot of these stories, hehe), or what's it's like to travel as a solo woman traveler in countries where cows have more rights than women, than I do about the best 5 star hotels in London (sorry can't help you there). You can also ask what extreme sports I've done or about what Seattle is like.

Anyways, the gist of it is, that YES, please approach me, as I would love to talk with you!!!

 And my biggest piece of advice to any person, especially a young person is to follow your dreams & try to experience as much as you can.  You don't know if you may never get another chance because of either financial, health, family, or perhaps one day a change in the political climate (think of Prohibition and people suddenly not being allowed to drink) so do it now as the only thing that is guaranteed is NOW, this very moment. Tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Baltimore in June

I will be returning to Baltimore on June 10th & 11th.  If you would like a session, please contact me for details. Scheduling now!

Baltimore Harbor

Vintage Hairbrush & Mirror

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Grown Man In Diapers Gets Spanked On the Side of the Road - ABDL

Johnny is in his 40's and was behaving very badly. Momma Jenn put Little Johnny in his diaper and then got him dressed and into the car.  It was suppose to be a fun mother-son day, a lovely drive and then a fun lunch out at McDonalds.

Johnny started acting up, throwing a temper tantrum.  He took off his shoes and socks and started throwing them around the car. Momma Jenn pulled over the side of the road.Grabbed Johnny by the arm, dragged him out of the car and pushed him up against the car where she pulled down his shorts till they dropped to the ground.  Then she spanked him over his diaper before pulling his diaper down and hand spanking him.  The first car drove by then.  She then grabbed her ebony hairbrush from her purse and was scolding him when the 2nd car drove by. My what a sight that must have been!  Seeing a grown man, being spanked on the side of the road in adult diapers with pretty little pastel colored unicorns on them.  Momma Jenn continued spanking Johnny with her hairbrush.  When she was satisfied she pulled up Johnny's diapers and put her hairbrush away. It was then that the 3rd car drove by. Johnny got back into the car in only his diapers as Momma Jenn was fed up with Johnny's bad behavior and decided to humiliate him by driving him through the McDonald's drive through (one he goes through pretty regularly) in nothing but a diaper and his shirt. 

Momma Jenn got Little Johnny the kids meal but with healthy options like apples and juice and then headed for home. Johnny threw some of his fries on the floor so once home Johnny got a strapping for that. After Momma Jenn had fed Johnny, she then put him in the adult crib. She tucked him in before kissing him on the forehead and saying good night and closing the door to his ABDL nursery.

A true story (name changed to protect the innocent).  Poor Johnny, so humiliated!

Keywords: ABDL, car spanking, F/m spanking, hairbrush, outdoor spanking