What if...

What if you realize that you know me or any fetish model for that matter?  For years, this never would have happened unless you showed up for a session, but things have changed.

Between the fetish modeling/acting that I do, the trade shows I will be attending, teaching classes, and the fact that I will be written about in some more "main stream" online publications, well... at this point it's bound to happen.  I also know that with the amount of photographers I know in my vanilla social circle, at least one of them will surely find my work and perhaps eventually this website.

Ok so the one thing that all of us fetish models agree on is please don't gossip about us, start rumors, or "out" us if we are not out of the closet.  Don't bring it up in a public venue if you think other people who know us will overhear.

Many of us keep this aspect of our lives secret because of some or all of the following reasons:

1. SAFETY (outing us could put our lives & safety in jeopardy)
     (Safety is a very REAL concern. Read this post)
2. A big portion of society is not comfortable with what we do, by not disclosing we are keeping the peace & avoiding uncomfortable situations
3. Not wanting to worry loved ones
4. A lot of people do NOT understand kink & spanking at all. They come to the table with preconceived notions and have no interests in really trying to understand
5. It's NOBODY ELSE'S BUSINESS but my own
6. The list goes on, too many to list here

Now the following part is about me personally.  If it's me that you know, and you're wondering if you should tell me that you know but you don't know how I'll react or whether you should tell me that you know.  Well first of all, I'm not going to judge you.  I'm obviously in this neck deep, so it would be a bit ridiculous if I judged you when I'm totally in. Second, I would personally prefer to know.  I would much rather have an open and frank conversation about it like adults than for you to know and keep that from me. Who knows, we could potentially end up bonding over this and finding out we have a lot of interests in common, at the very least it could be an entertaining kink filled conversation. I don't bite, I promise ;) What if you don't know me well or think that I will know or remember who you are? Well I'm sure you can describe to me who you are and I'll be able to figure it out. I may not know you by name, but I probably know you by face. How should you contact me? I'd prefer if you brought it up in person as long as other people I know can't hear (I don't really care if strangers hear).  If that's impossible, then my 2nd choice would be by phone and 3rd choice by email.  But I guess the main point is that I'd rather you contact me, than not. When I first got involved in kink, I thought for sure that there'd a lot of cross over between my vanilla social circle and my kink social circle... over time I learned that this was not the case at all. People who have been reading my blog for a number of years know, that I got a lot of bad responses from most of the people I told. I told 3 close female friends, two of those friends ended the friendship shortly after finding out.  I told a few close guy friends, mainly the ones who were the first to help me out with my business. A photographer friend who did my first few sets of fetish modeling photos, a techy friends who was the one who taught me how to design my website & where I should post my ads, and a few others. Their reaction? They are supportive but think what I do is "weird" and they wish I wouldn't do it, but will support me no matter what I chose. Half the time they look at me with absolute horror when I tell them about the amazing fun I had at work that day and what I did ;) But all those bad reactions I got from close friends I told, (plus for all of the reasons I posted above) kept me from telling other people in my life.

And one last thing...if you hint around about spanking, Femdom, or fetish stuff but nothing else... then I will assume that there is a 70% chance you know "something" about what I do, but that you're not willing to be honest about what you know. In that case, I will certainly not open up to you. If you're not willing to be honest & open up to me about what you know, then I'm not willing to open up to you either.

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  1. I understand completely, I told people I know about my strange obsession to be or want to go back to being a baby when I was 4 years old it wasn't till I was around 11 or 12 when I figured out I was an adult baby but I don't understand I'm not the type of adult baby wanting sex I only want to be 100% non sexual adult baby boy.
    I'm 32 and I have to live in secret because too many people don't like the fetish lifestyle.
    I'm not even in for sex and they don't like me either.

    But I do know as an adult baby I know I need to be around grown-up's who understand who I am naturally
    Am and know that as a toddler I still need boundaries and rules to follow.
    Anyway I don't want to bore you
    If mabey when you have some time you could email me.
    Thank mistress Jenn D.

  2. I totally support what you do. You make people's fantasies come true, and there's nothing at all wrong with that, and a lot right about it, so long as it's between consenting adults. An outline of what things you do and don't do would be helpful.