The Armory

So many fun implements to play with...

 Thank you Kevin, for these lovely strap (above & below). The blue strap for household discipline. The red strap, common in Reform Schools, & the black Prison Strap.  Both the red & the black have a rubber core, which greatly enhances the "corrective value" of the implement.

Photo Below From Left to Right:
Cane-Iac Delrin cane,Mahogany long paddle, Triple Delrin Cane,Mango paddle with Mahogany Handle,Mahogany OTK paddle with Two Holes for a more stingy spanking, Leather slapper, and a Mahogany paddle

Thank you Kevin R., for creating this lovely paddle for me!  The wood is Tambote from South America.  It's very hard, dense, & has a wild graining figure. The grip is true Ebony w/ white Micarta accents underneath. The mosaic pins securing the grips are brass, copper, & nickel and go all the way through from one side to the other for strength.
Thank you Dave from D.C. for this fab leather studded paddle! I also loved our Miss Jenn Experience at the Monuments.
2 of my vintage celluloid hairbrushes
The purple heart from Miss S at KinkFest in Portland
More vintage hairbrushes
 Only a spanko can truly appreciate the beauty & power of the hairbrush
Thank you Crie & Mr B for these gifts
A "Clear Impact Toys" paddle, such a fun gift from Bobby
Thank you P for this adorable gem, love the saying

 Thank you Clint for these 2 amazing paddles. The top one, "Small Hickory", a silky smooth (in my opinion) OTK paddle hand carved out of hickory wood.  The bottom one, "The Brute", made of black walnut wood and engraved with my name!!!! It's a force to be reckoned with, 18" long and a full 1/4"thick and 3"wide. And both are so silky smooth that I just love the feel of them against my skin, and you will too!
Thank you CH for this pervertible
Cousin Jon made this one for me.  I have scared many boys (and girls) with this one!

Thank you J for this Natural Willow Branch Bundle which needs to be soaked in warm water for 30-minutes prior to use

Made from curly wood (thank you!)
Cherry wood (lighter bigger paddle) & walnut (smaller, darker). Thank u Princess V
Some more fun ones! From two different spanko's. The Jokari paddle & the lollipop
Below: The loopy johnny, 8mm x 28in long oil filled cane, horse crop, & paint stick

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  1. VERY IMPRESSIVE Collection Miss Jenn!! (and I especially like the wooden 'fish shaped' one) ;)

  2. I love it! When I was in 1st grade my teacher took me to the principles office and she used a paddle that was a Fish like yours only no hole in it!

  3. Which toys are you bringing to Florida?