Wednesday, February 9, 2022

New Spanking Site Out - "Constantinople Spanking Academy"

 A lovely chap recently reached out to me, telling me about his new spanking website and asking me if he could do an interview about me.

Constantinople Spanking Academy

It's a wonderful site and already has a lot of great content up!

Constantinople did a great job, posting spanking articles, interviews (such as mine), spanking stories (you know how much I love love love spanking stories and spanking audios), spanking news, and more.

So please check out his wonderful spanking site and read the interview he did with me. Here is the link:

Spanking is Art

 And then let him know what you thought of my interview!


Also, if in the future you want to find this link, you can go to my main page and about half-way down the page you will see a section called "Press, Interviews, Articles, and Blog Posts" and you can find the link there as well.


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