Monday, February 7, 2022

Valentine's Day 2022 is Almost Upon Us

 Valentine's Day is almost here

Loving my jokari paddle
Don't forget to spoil your Mommy, Disciplinarian, Domme this V-Day!

Here is the link to my wishlist:


The Top 4 items I am hoping for are:

1. The Garmin Lilly watch which is supposed to help people with a chronic illness like myself to alert us when our heart rate is too high (you set the threshold based on what your doctor tells you), it tracks your stress, sleep, respiration, and your body battery energy throughout the day so you can find the best times for resting vs for activity.

You can find the Garmen Lily watch on my Amazon wishlist or for more info on Garmen Lily click here:  

2. Large suitcase (checked luggage)

3. Small carryon suitcase

I have specifically measured & done research to make sure that these 2 suitcase options specifically work for my needs as a Traveling Disciplinarian & Traveling Domme.

4. I need to get a new license for my video editing & video converting software (ie- converting a WMV to a MP4), as the terms of service (which nobody ever reads, it's way too small anyways) state that it can't be transferred to one computer from another even if you delete it from the old computer. And my old computer is no longer usable.

It's $45 to get a 2nd license (obviously this item is not on my wishlist since you can't buy it on Amazon)


If you'd like to help out with these gifts but perhaps can't afford them (the first 3 are pretty expensive), then sending me an Amazon gift card that I can apply to the purchase, would be helpful. As an example, if you can't afford the Garmin watch (it's on sale right now for $50 off the regular price, but still $159 is still expensive for most people) but you can afford to send me a $50 Amazon gift card, then when I buy it myself, and apply your gift card you'd be helping me to purchase the watch & I'd think of you every time I look at my watch face ;)

Although that may not be a good thing if you're trying to get away and not get spanked. Might be better to "not be remembered", hehe!

Especially with all these great Valentine's Day spanking paddle I could apply to your backside.

 So many great Valentine's Day paddles to use on your bottom as I paint it red ;)
Valetine's Day paddle


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