Thursday, February 17, 2022

Read this REMINDER


Miss Jenn Davis lap holding a paddle

Don't forget to check your junk mail folder.

It's sad that my emails end up in people's spam folders so often

but it's also sad that I have to keep reminding people over and over to check their junk mail folder to see if any of my emails have ended up in there.

And YES, even if we have been corresponding fine so far and you've been getting my emails in your inbox, that doesn't mean that a current or future email won't end up in your spam folder. Sadly, this happens all the time. Hence, me having to send out reminders like this.

This is especially important for those wanting a session in D.C.



1 comment:

  1. Excellent paddle Jenn! It's identical to the last one I got. Favorite of my collection. Got mine at Woodrage with special request of 3/4 inch thickness. Let's hear it for long, thick and with holes.