Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Don't forget to check your junk mail folder


Even if I've been in contact with you for years, many times my emails ends up in people's junk mail folders.

This is especially important once I start scheduling my D.C. trip.

I'm looking at the first or 2nd weekend in April (most likely). Session days would more than likely be Sat through Monday, with flight days being the day prior and the day after.

Please don't contact me about this trip yet as I haven't had time to research flights and such, and none of my travel is booked yet.

 I will post to the travel page on my website & to this blog, once I have booked my trip and am ready to schedule.

So whether you are in D.C. or you are requesting a custom audio, please start this good habit by checking and cleaning out your junk mail folder (that way if in the future my emails end up in there, there will be less emails for you to comb through as you look for MY email. So go do it now, clean it up!

You do NOT want to see me angry with you!

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