Monday, January 31, 2022

Trial of a Feminizer [PREVIEW] up on my Podcast

 Are you curious to check out one of my newest feminization audios?

Trial of a Feminizer audio

The story is called "Trial of a Feminizer"

written by Kylie Gable and narrated by myself

You can listen to it on my Spanking and All Things Femdom Podcast

click here to here the preview of Trial of a Feminizer

Here is a brief description of the FULL audio & a link to where you can buy the full audio:

When a man in lingerie runs into a police station and tells a tale of  being feminized against his will by an evil mistress, he sets in motion  the most scandalous trial in decades. Will the mysterious dominatrix  escape justice? She infuriates her attorney by practically bragging  about her misdeeds during cross-examination. The prosecutor believes  it's an open and shut case.

You get to hear about how once the powerful dominatrix realizes what a  very talented mouth her sissy has, she makes full use of this, having  sissy practice her cocksucking skills by taking a penis gag between her  scarlet lips or learning to suck her big black dildo. After all, she has  big plans for her little sissy slut.

This kinky courtroom drama features over an hour of feminization,  humiliation, encouraged bi, bondage, sissification, sissy training, and a  powerful woman dominating a weak sissy.

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