Tuesday, July 13, 2021

A Paddling You Deserve...A Paddling You Shall Receive

Professional Disciplinarian holding a paddle



  1. Naughty devil just works so hard at being incorrigibly naughty to earn and so deserve all of his many constant and repeat habitual sassy offender otk spankings, paddlings and strappings as his deserving fanny is just not going to blush all by itself! And so like clockwork, naughty devil gets back in line with more sassy comments to earn and receive his next addicting otk spanking, paddling and strapping over and over again. =;)

  2. I so need it. To be over your knee and you with no work up let me have it. Me kicking my legs and you hold me . And say that I need this for all I don. And say you not stopping even if I cry