Monday, July 19, 2021

10 Benefits to Getting Spanked

Benefits of getting spanked



  1. Revise number 6 to:
    6. Getting spanked is a great activity for bonding with your sweetheart/Mommy to excited over her silky knees!
    Plus add:
    6.a. Getting spanked by your sweetheart/Mommy over her silky knees leads to naughty arousing moments likely leading to creamy messes needing to be cleaned up and feeling quite pleased with yourself that the old naughty devil still can't and never will behave himself.
    6.a.1. Instigating or being entrapped for a good bare bottom spanking by peeking up pretty short skirts at cute lacey panties is soooo much fun!!!!
    6.a.2. Getting marched to the spanking chair and having your sweetheart/Mommy yank down your pants and underwear to your ankles and pulled over her silky knees while getting scolded for being naughty peeking at her panties is soooo much fun too!!!!
    6.b. Getting spanked bare bottom over your sweetheart/Mommy's silky knees leads to loving aftercare and affectionate cuddling.

    Now who could possibly be ashamed of getting spanked over the silky knees of a darling sweetheart/Mommy? Addicted naughty devil instigates and looks forward to all of his many future bare bottom spankings over silky knees to come! Now make your sweetheart/Mommy proud and show that glowing red bare bottom of her lovingly and skillfully applied handiwork! (Wish that Ghost of Spankings Future would hurry up and get here, naughty devil's pale ghost white bottom is woefully overdue to be blushed for being entrapped peeking up pretty skirts at cute panties and getting taken over darling's silky knees!)

    ND =;)

  2. please sign me up. I do not need a reason to desire to be over your knees with you spanking my bare bottom until I am crying and promising to be a good boy from now on.