Sunday, September 13, 2020

Who Wants to Spank Snow White? I know I do!


spankable butt

She's got a great butt and I sure would love to be spanking it!


  1. So lily white...and soon to be red !

  2. Naughty devil and the seven switch dwarfs are all ready to take little Miss Tease Snow White's cute wet white bottom over the knee to hereby become know as Miss Glowing Snow Red Bottom and her lecherous eight erect not so dwarf devils!
    Another favorite wholesome fairy tale story gleefully X-rated and brought to happy glowing red bottom ending courtesy of your ever incorrigible naughty devil. (Naturally, he stays up nights and weekends contemplating more naughty spanking mayhem, what else could he possibly be doing?)

    ND =;)
    (Evil Muwhoawhahahaha!!!! laugh and grasping hand wringing added for special effect and naughty devil's amusement, being quite pleased with himself as usual.)