Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Time to Blisterrrrrrrr Your Bottom

professional Disciplinarian


  1. My Mom will definitely be blistering my bare bottom to raw this time.
    --- debbie

  2. The pretty domestic dress, bare legs and feet are soooo sexy! And that is a good solid position for across the knee. A blister spanking with the brush is a scary proposition, yet still somehow inviting when you present a pose like that.

  3. Naughty devil certainly enjoys the pre-blistering too, oh such a thrill having pants and underwear yanked down and being pulled over your silky knees along with the your exasperated blistering scolding on the way to the spanking chair pointing out such incorrigible behavior!!! (Naughty devil does his sincere best effort to have exasperatingly incorrigible behavior for your spanking entertainment and post-spanking amusement to look back on fond otk memories of blushing his sassy bare bottom!!!)
    Your apparently not spanked hard enough yet friendly neighborhood sassy naughty devil,
    ND =;)

    (Fortunately the anonymous comments function is back to normal operation, wouldn't want naughty devil's sassiness to go unnoticed, now would we?)