Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Who Else Could Have Eaten Our Governess' Dark Chocolate?

a spanking is definitely in order. Nobody eats the chocolate & gets away with it.


  1. Nice 'collage' picture. Where did you get it? I've seen these before of this poor kid 'Alex' I don't know who does these but they're interesting and he always winds up in trouble and getting his pants taken down!

  2. I'll take the blame and the good and hard bare bottom blisterings. That was the deal, right.
    --- debbie

  3. Naughty devil sees the shadow of his darling naughty devilette girlfriend cast on the wall; such a sweetheart, shamelessly entrapping him with blame for a good spanking that she herself so obviously and richly deserves and so secretly desires!!! She'll be justly rewarded with her dress yanked up and panties pulled down to her knees over naughty devil's lap shortly after naughty devil's own no secret there openly and well known desired and teasingly encouraged bare bottom otk spanking is complete ... hours later!!!
    ND =;)