Sunday, July 12, 2020

Where Should the Underpants Go?


Underpants / panties. Should they be around the knee area, around the ankles, or completely off?


  1. Around the ankles, and kicked completely off.
    -- debbie

  2. Underwear needs to be ceremoniously and shamefully yanked down to naughty devil's knees to start before being pulled over darling's silky knees (and oh yes, I most certainly will "darling" you to get you flustered! just love such fun spanking rituals, teasing and role play!) But back on topic, if he starts kicking, then darling scolds even more and pulls those underwear down even farther to the ankles for not behaving that will secure them and help prevent any more kicking for the much harder spatula spanking to come! Of course if darling decides to get cute and dresses her naughty devil in panties for a spanking, she will have to further severely scold and spank even harder for the big creamy wet mess he just made in her panties (and naughty devil will be being quite pleased with himself again I might add!) before she yanks them down!

    There, that should do it for this amusing naughty reply, just couldn't help myself, oh naughty devil, you've done it again!

    ND =;)

  3. Best for me and for maximum impact, every stitch of clothing should be removed and put away in an inaccessible place until the disciplinarian decides the punishment period has been completed. So underpants are nowhere in sight.

    There are at least six good reasons for doing it this way for a disciplinary spanking. The first is that nudity causes a much higher degree of embarrassment in the context of punishment. Unlike other situations, it is an uncompromising stripping of dignity and status, calling closer attention to the shame of having to be punished. Second, nudity causes feelings of enhanced helplessness and vulnerability. I’m not sure there is a rational difference, but in any situation it feels like any defense or protection of solid grounding while naked is almost nonexistent. Third is the contrast that demonstrates the hierarchy of the relationship. The disciplinarian, in a position of supreme authority, is fully dressed. The one being disciplined resides under that authority, and nothing makes that clearer than their uniform of total exposure. The fourth reason or advantage is that nudity is consistent with the idea that nothing can be kept hidden from the disciplinarian. Completely open and honest is the rule in this relationship, no matter how difficult and embarrassing the revelation may be to the one who is more comfortable holding their secrets. A fifth advantage is that there is no possibility that clothing will interfere with or obstruct the administration of justice. Obedience and the response to being spanked can be a pure submission without external physical restraint. Number six is the irony. A disciplinary spanking is, regardless of circumstances, a sexual experience that denies normal sexual pleasure and interaction. Nudity only magnifies this denial.

  4. My wife starts with the underpants on, then I must stand up and she pulls them down and I step out of them. She starts with her hand, once the underpants are off the dreaded bath brush is applied and I kick, squirm, and glad the underpants are off and not restricting my kicking.

  5. Taken down to the knee then eventually flying off his ankle as his legs kick

  6. My underwear? On the top of a neat pile of all of my other clothes, as I am standing totally naked in front of the spanker whose knee I will soon be over, that is, when the lecture is complete. Even though I am horribly embarrassed and trembling at the thought of what is about to happen I dare not cover myself and I need to pay very close attention to the lecture as there will be questions later. I can only wish I was still wearing my underwear.

    Then the fateful moment arrives; as I am being pulled, I hear “get over my knee”. I am now in the most humiliating and embarrassing position, listening to even more lecturing. Then without warning the spanking begins and continues until my spanker is satisfied I indeed have learned my lesson. Still over her knee, pleading with her to stop, bottom burning, promising better behavior, finally I am told to get up and stand in the corner and think about my behavior.

    Then I am called over to her again. Once again I am standing naked before her answering her questions about what I done wrong and what I am going to do to make sure it never happens again. Hopefully I give the correct responses or I will find myself back over her knee again. After passing her test I will then be reunited with my underwear.