Saturday, July 4, 2020

Happy 4th of July 2020 from Miss Jenn

I assure you, you WILL be seeing starts and stripes when I'm spanking you & blistering your bottom


  1. And happy 4th of July to you Miss Jenn. You make a bare bottom blistering sound so nice on a nice evening like this. If you supply the sound with the weapon of your choice, I will supply the red, white and blue on my well spanked bottom. Thank you Miss Jenn

  2. would be happy to have u do that

  3. Hi Miss Jenn I hope you had a lovely holiday and that you still have all of your fingers and toes. You must protect those fingers so you can keep a good grip on all of your paddles, straps, and canes. By the way Miss Jenn that is a great dress to ware on the 4th of July that has a stripes theme.The stripes on Old Glory, the stripes on your beautiful dress, and bringing up the rear are the stripes on the lucky bois bare bottoms that have been naughty