Sunday, April 19, 2020

Our Neighbor Says Have Been Peeping in Her Window, You Will Get Spanked for This in Front of Her

Professional Disciplinarian spanks young man

 "Disciplinary spanking is now a two-sided coin. On one side it is pain and embarrassment that is not enjoyable during the moments of punishment. Turn the coin, and everything around that event is desire and excitement."  - Brett

Do you notice that the neighbor (witness) has her hand on her own bottom (and not on her hip), it makes me wonder if she is an empath and "feeling" the painful spanks he's receiving or if she's wishing for a spanking of her own?

Professional Disciplinarian Miss Jenn
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  1. Thank you Miss Jenn. It’s exciting to see me being quoted here!

    In a scene like this, I want to know what the witness is thinking. There are many different possibilities. We can see a little of the neighbor’s expression. Her smile indicates she is in favor of the punishment being administered, and may be amused by it as well. Instead of glancing away to avoid the grim or unpleasant nature of what is happening, her eyes are fixed on that very red upturned bottom. The positions of her hands may be the result of unconscious reactions. The fingers of her left hand go to her mouth like it might with one who is shocked or surprised by what they are seeing. The kicking and crying, the sharp sound of hairbrush on bare skin causes her right hand to reflexively seek out her own backside, which tingles in sympathy with the painful spanking she sees directly in front of her. She can’t help but remember her own mother’s hairbrush, and I think she is glad it is not her behind being set on fire. Her thoughts are more centered around this peeper getting his well-deserved comeuppance. How appropriate that he is now the object surveilled by the victim of his trespass.

    I love a drawing like this, and all the possible stories behind it that each viewer will imagine.

  2. Great Color drawing, I recognize the style of the artist. YES the lady with her hand on her bottom probably CAN 'Empathize' with the boy receiving it....wish I could remember the name of this artist, LOTS of his works have been 'colorized'

  3. Lovely picture, nice description and comments.

    The artist is "Roger Benson". Someone else colorized the picture.

    Here is the original: