Saturday, April 11, 2020

Look how large his HAND is in comparison to her little bottom

OTK spanking

Serious question: Do you consider her nude if she's wearing stockings?
Answer in the comments below


  1. It's not rude at all for her to be wearing stockings, these type are actually very sexy. IF the guy Spanking her wanted her completely naked he'd have ORDERED her to take them off or told her things would be much worse for her if she didn't! (or taken them off of her himself) 'thigh high stockings' can be very sexy ;)

  2. I do not consider her nude. Nude is head to toe, like the day we were born. I think there’s a real psychological difference between stockings, which are for fashion and “dress up” and wearing only your birthday suit, which is only you. When the disciplinarian is dressed, and the one being disciplined is naked, that stark contrast reflects the authority on one side of the coin and being under authority on the other.