Wednesday, April 29, 2020

I've Misbehaved Again, Will You Please Spank Me Ma'am?

Professional Disciplinarian

Yes, but first we need to take care of that erection of yours. You have two choices 1) you can masturbate in front of me until you come, and then I'll spank you immediately after. or 2) I can spank your little pee pee with that brush of yours until it goes away. Which do you choose?


  1. I will take the cock spanking Ma'am so that I can still feel sexy when I am over your knee.

  2. Oh no! What a hard choice - no pun intended. A spanking is much much worse immediately after orgasm, but getting spanked THERE is not the way you want to lose an erection. For serious misbehavior, and even without an erection, I’ve heard that some of the strictest disciplinarians offer no choices. One way or another, the spanking will be right after you come, right when you least want it, and then anyone around is going to hear the genuine unhappy hollering and crying of a lesson being learned. This is how those of us who get aroused by the idea of it, nevertheless receive the full disciplinary benefit of a punishment spanking.

  3. Such a happy naughty devil all excited thinking about his spanking over your silky knees and it shows! Erections and spankings go hand in hand, literally and figuratively. A big disappointment and punishment is to not get aroused to begin with; might need the happy naughty devil's magic erection pill before pleading for a spanking to make sure there's no disappointment before, during or after spanking! Could have teasing spankings as an effective cure for ED; naughty devil gleefully volunteers for the clinical analysis.

    ND =;)

  4. I would take materbateing front of u