Sunday, October 15, 2017

My Newest Strap

Isn't it a beauty?


  1. It looks very... effective!
    Great photo btw.


  2. Wish I was closer. I would enjoy giving you a place to try it out

  3. WOW is that a Strap or something else? looks pretty fearsome..... I like the Costume you're wearing, where did you get htat? gives me GREAT idea's for stories about the 'Milkmaid' down the streat or the girl who works at the local 'Dairy Queen' or diner back int the 1960's.......I'm SURE she'd use this on anyone who tried to 'skip out' on the bill LOL :)

    1. Most definitely fearsome! Well get to work on those stories, young man and send them to me on Patreon!

  4. I know that I don’t want to upset you like Kevin did. I will follow all your rules. Even though i am a pain slut I will endure all you wish me to

  5. Now you're the beauty in that dress dear! Don't recall the cute apron, did it come with it? Can think of some fun role plays for the diner mentioned above as you're the cute waitress that has had quite enough of your naughty devil making a mess at your table, looking up your skirt and then thinking he's going to be a real cheapskate and only leave a little tip! Oh no, that will not do at all!!! My darling diner doll waitress is not letting her naughty devil leave until she takes his pants and underwear down that instant and takes him over her silky knees right there at the counter for a good bare bottom spanking!!! And being at the diner, there are plenty of spatulas and spoons to brighten her naughty devil cheapskate's bottom with and then puts whipped cream and a cherry on top of his blushing buns to make the daily advertised special of Blushing Creamy Cherry Bun Surprise Cake!!!
    Always have such amusing fun with my darling being your naughty devil with extra naughty thoughts, as usual!!!

    More cuddles, teasing & loving otk spankings to come,
    Your faithfully affectionate red bottomed ND =;)

  6. I'm sure you as well as Portia and Elizabeth will be using this on me in May when see each other again...

  7. Wonder if that strap would be one Officer Jenn would use on my bottom sometime?