Monday, October 30, 2017

Caden Being Trained To Take More Than He Ever Dreamed Possible

Caden gets a caning.
A slave learning his place in life & learning to take a hard spanking
 Once I am sitting on your back, you are not going anywhere, no matter how hard I hit or what implement I chose to use on you
 A flurry of hairbrush strokes
 Don't you just love that gimp hood of his? He had no clue what implement was coming next...
Action caning! Hence the reason it's blurry
 Such pretty stripes.  They "please me" so much

 Caden enjoying my new strap (although not sure if "enjoying" is quite the right word when it comes to a strap that is one side leather, one side rubber). Yes, this is the same strap that was used in one of my audio clips.

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