Thursday, August 17, 2017

For The Love Of Butts

this is what I do!

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  1. That could be a Coat of Cheeks for a darling fanny loving sorority and you could be the founding charter member of it to seal your place in all fanny loving spanking history! For higher order members, those cheeks could use a blushing red hand print and a couple sets of crossed hairbrushes, paddles and straps, not to mention the highest order of the dreaded Bath Brush! And of course from your loyal fan base, your sensuous silky leg worshiping Naughty Devil always quite deliriously loves your darling delectable derriere too dear, especially when you tease in your cute pleated mini-skirts and flash your pretty ruffly panties to catch your incorrigible naughty devil peeking as usual, ready to be marched to the spanking chair for his pants and underwear to be pulled down and fall to his skinny ankles for yet another well deserved scathing scolding and bare bottom spanking to a shameful blushing glowing red over my teasing entrapping darling's silky knees!!! Proudly flirting with shameless wicked abandon, think your incorrigible naughty devil is quite overdue to be taken over your sensuous silky knees this instant!!! Xoxo, ND =;)