Thursday, August 3, 2017

Spank First...


  1. GULP.....Gret 'JayEm color drawing!

  2. When slinking home late to my dear gorgeous darling sweetheart waiting in her pretty panties with her trusty well worn oh so hard bath brush, her naughty devil fully expects to be taken over her silky knees this instant for another good long hard bare bottom spanking, no explanation necessary or accepted!!!! Forgiveness and cuddling just might come second only after the glowing red bottomed naughty devil lovingly caresses her pretty feet and up her silky sensuous legs and naughtily kisses her under her pretty panties to earn yet another loving over-the-knee spanking from his darling!!! Such loving over-the-knee spanking adventures to come for naughty devil and darling sweetheart, should make a note to slink home late on a regular basis!!! ND =;)