Thursday, June 23, 2016

Spanking My Way Through the Texas All State

Are you ready for the bath brush?

That is not the floor, that is actually the wall.  And yes that is a nickle stuck to the wall.  I asked a naughty boy to hold this nickle to the wall with his nose while I spanked him...He really really really didn't want this coin to fall to the ground for fear of what I'd do next, and ended up pressing it so hard into the wall that it stuck to the wall, no joke!

Wonder what I've got in the ice bucket?


  1. I love the bath brush.Looking forward to have this again. Silvio

  2. Awwwww miss you, Silvio! Looking forward to having you over my lap again :)

  3. Its a Tough job but when the going gets tough the Tough tell the weak to get their pants down and get over their knee "NOW!!!"

  4. Bathbrush spanking from you doesnt scare me my butt bare now when you want me otk so can apply bathbrush