Sunday, June 12, 2016

Go Get Your Sisters!


  1. Every Woman has the right to Spank the daylights out of the Men in their lives!
    Like wise Boys just need a strong Mother figure to paddle and spank them as they grow!

    1. My wifes'strident orders have to obeyed quickly ! I have to phone them so it takes time which allows me to get resdy for a whacking from her! I report in my pyjamas which she says are so easily removable! My sisters are in fact her sisters and her mother comes to my spanking as always ,which is very embarrassing! My wife then removes my pyjama trousers and is handed her hair brush to warm my bottom before she canes me ! The whacks echo through the hallway with my cries of pain ! They all cheer her on as I twist and turn to avoid the whacks of her hairbrush! Then I get a 10 minute break before she taps the cane on my bum an I bend over a chair back ,my pink bum ready for the caning! She does not hit too hard but gives plenty of strokes on my once white, well rounded buttock cheeks and thighs ! Then it is corner time and play time for the watchers to come and feel my poor bum and give it pinches or slaps for about another 10 minutes before I am allowed to go to our bedroom! After they leave she comes up with the ointment and we enjoy it being applied ! I am forgiven and we start my recovery in the normal way!!