Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Reading "The Disciplining of Danny"

Right now I am reading "The Disciplining of Danny" by Charles Pangbourne (thanks to one of my spanko's who recommended this book). The book is about young 23-year old Danny who meets Nicole, a no-nonsense kind of woman who likes to be in control. Nicole introduces Danny to the world of spanking and discipline and they soon start a FLR (female led relationship). Danny gets spanked when he fails to measure up to her expectations and Danny soon realizes how much he enjoys being dominated and spanked by the wealthy and attractive Nicole.

Here are some of my favorite parts from the book:

"For you, the anticipation of being dominated, whether for discipline or pleasure, is just as powerful."

 "This is play not punishment. When you are being punished, you get what I think you deserve. It will always be painful and you will not like it. Play is different. While there will still be pain, it will never be more than you can handle. If it becomes too much, just use the word 'stop' and I will do so immediately. The problem you have surrendering to a dominant is your fear of pain. I am going to teach you to embrace it. Pain is an integral part of your desire to be dominated. Accept it as such and you will find more pleasure. "We are going to explore your limits. I will find them and push you a little farther. I am going to give you a safe word. If what I am doing to you becomes more than you can tolerate, use it and I will stop immediately. My goal it to take you to the edge and push you until you are ready to use it. Then stop before you do. Make me proud and show me how much you can take."

""Put that nose in the corner. Make sure it is touching." To achieve the position she wanted, Danny had to squeeze himself into the corner and had to stick his behind out. It was the only way to keep from pressing his hard-on painfully into the wall. "Listen to me, you wicked selfish child. First, I am going to wash that filthy mouth of yours with a bar of soap. Then, I will use my largest metal spoon on your ass. I promise you won't sit comfortably for a long time. In addition, you will address me as Mommy until I am finished with you. Is that clear?" Nicole nodded her approval. Lydia Mullins had done this before. "Yes, Mommy." Danny's humiliation was complete. She called him a child and was going to make him act like one."

"What the hell is this?" Lydia slapped his erection, making him wince from the pain. "You dirty little boy. How dare you stand in front of me in such a state. It seems you need to be taught more than one lesson." Lydia roughly hauled Danny over her lap. "If you ever treat me like you did today, the spanking I give you will make this seem like a game of patty cake."

"The card you pick will tell you how many swats you get and what will be used to give them. A club means you get spanked with a hand. Diamonds and it's the wooden spoon. Hearts mean you get strapped with a belt. Spades are my favorite. That will earn you a paddling with a hairbrush. The numeric value of the card will tell you how many. Face cards are worth fifteen and an ace, twenty five."

"Nicole would have blistered your ass for an hour. You and I will be finished in a few minutes. Drop your pants and bend over the desk."

Anyways, those are just a few of my favorite parts.  Highly recommend getting this book.  You can find it on Amazon for $3.99


  1. Quite simply put .... I wanna be Your "Danny" :) Wanna write a book???


  2. Please teach me to embrace pain it is what I need Miss Jenn. I want to be your good boy! I look forward to it�� Hugs!

  3. Looks like a good book I will check for sure. S.