Thursday, May 13, 2021

Do you think they really spanked him?


a spanking tale


  1. In my love of the Little Rascals their was this saying "Money is the root of all Evil". Well don't mess with these mothers getting to the bottom of this problem

  2. Noted in the Ye Ole Annals of Colonial Spanking Fantasy Fetish History, after 100 spankings in the town square spanking chair, the beaming red-bottomed merchant of Boston happily gave 100 angry woman free coffee and promised further stock pile hoarding of the following week's coffee shipment to ensure their swift return.
    The End

    And who else would dare write such a scandalously ridiculous story besmirching the fine reputation of the fair Puritanical citizenry of Colonial Boston to succumb to their inner most scarlet letter hidden bare bottom spanking fetish desires?

    The sinfully guilty incorrigible Naughty Devil up writing amusing masterpieces at midnight of course!!!

    ND =;)